Free ways to get visitors to your blog or website                                             
 Blogging is one of the most important marketing methods, and also making  money from the InternetIt is also characterized by ease for all who can write and possess knowledge in a specific field or specialty.
All you have to do to win from the Internet by blogging is to create a website . Then you make the necessary settings for the blog design, and then you start getting visitors to your blog. 
As for the preferred way to profit from blogging, it is via ( Google Adsense ).
In fact, the matter is not so simple, there are some obstacles that you may face in the profit of your own blog. 

Here we will address one obstacle in this matter, and we will try to discuss it together and develop appropriate solutions for it.

Our topic today deals with a set of free ways to get visitors to your blog. 

If you follow what we show here in this article and take some effort and time, you will get very good results.                                                                            

 Free way to get visitors to  your blog

 Make sure to provide content worth your visitors time

As a blog owner, you must provide value to your visitors. 

You should provide them with unique and unique content that is only present on your blog. Of course, this starts from the first step in choosing your blog post.

If  you have enough knowledge and passion for the topic you are talking about in your blog. You pass the first test of getting free visitors to your blog.                       Make your blog available on social media
Social media is a real treasure for free visitors in general, and Facebook visitors in particular represent a gold mine.  

Every topic you post on your blog, put a link on your pages on social media.

Also, don't forget to put the links of social media pages on your own blog.
There is also a very important point in this domain, namely, your correct interaction with the members of your pages on social media.
Getting visitors through free social networking sites needs:
  • Interact with your page members to gain loyalty.
  • Keep posting non-stop.
  • Try to make each post more attractive.

 You can still get free visitors from the forums

Subscribe to the largest possible number of forums that discuss the topic of your blog, try to be an active member through the good opinions provided to other members.
You can set your signature with your blog link. You can also share other blog links directly with other members, if forum management allows it.

 Create a YouTube channel for your blog

Through this YouTube channel, you can record videos on the same blog topic.

Try to translate text articles for videos, and don't forget to put the blog link in the description of the video. Also, choose a suitable title and description for the video you are uploading.

It is worth noting, and about personal experience, that only by making one video and uploading it to your channel with the same name as your blog, will you get an important advantage, which is the appearance of this video on the first page of search results for the name of the blog.

 Interact with other blogs on the same topic

This method is characterized by good targeting. Because you will be in front of visitors who want to move forward,  but avoid appearing as a spam person who copies his blog posts everywhere without thinking.
Try to add helpful comments and then put your blog link, also you can communicate with the owners of these blogs, and offer them to do links to your blog in their posts versus you also do that for their blogs.

 Use the Word of mouse marketing strategy for your blog

Tell everyone you know about your blog when the opportunity arises, invite each of your acquaintances to browse your posts, and ask them to express an opinion on them.
As for those who were very close to you, you can also seek the help of his help, by publishing the blog link in his own accounts on social media, or he in turn uses the same strategy (word of mouse) with others to market your blog.

 Post volunteer topics on other blogs

Contact bloggers that have a relationship with your blog topic,  then offer them to write an article for them, with a link to your blog posted at the end of the article.                         Try to choose topics that show your strengths, and also try to choose a topic that attracts the bloggers,  such as writing in one of the areas that they do not have good content with.

 Write custom articles for a website or blog and send them

This strategy is considered one of the smartest marketing strategies, in which you will benefit from the reputation and marketing capabilities of others to your advantage.
Here are the steps to do it professionally:
  • Choose one of the strong and well-known sites in the context of your blog topic. It  is not supposed to be blogs, but it may be sites that offer specific services.
  • Create a good topic to talk about, rate and showcase this site.
  • Try not to be hypocritical so you lose credibility with readers, and you are also not ideally neutral, as the site finds no justification for publishing this article.
  • Send the article link to the site and confirm that it reached the site's administrators.
Here your role may end and if the site's founders find your article worthy they will show it to their own visitors, perhaps through social media sites as a testimony from others of the quality of their site, and they may place it as a link in one of their topics or pages.

Then you will reap very good benefits.

 Create a section about news in your blog’s topic circle

The news is one of the best free ways to get visitors. 

Create a section on your own blog, which includes news on the topic you are discussing on your blog, covering the most popular events and hot news.

For example, if your blog talks about boxing, you can deal with the most important news of boxing, such as popular tournament news, or personal news about a famous boxer.

 Connect your articles together to get the most out of every visitor

In order for the visitor to stay as much time as possible on your blog. Connect your articles together through internal links. Also, do not forget to include at the end of each article the characteristic of related topics, for  example:
In the previous example, if your blog is about boxing,  you can place a topic link about a tournament inside a topic that talks about the champion of this tournament.

 Create celebrity themes for your blog.

In fact, in every field there are famous people and leaders in this field, and of course everyone interested in this field knows some of its famous people, and he  wants to know more as well and may be very attracted to your blog, if you have special topics that talk about this person.

 Enable the comment feature on your blog posts

This way your visitors can interact with your topics, they will give you ideas for new topics. They will encourage you with their positive opinions or put your hand on your mistakes to develop your skills.
Try to respond to every comment and communicate with your blog visitors well, to give them an attractive element so that they can come back to your blog.

 Keep adding topics on an ongoing basis

Whatever your current results or how many visitors you have, you should continue to include more topics.

Your continued addition of new topics will make these results permanently improve.

And if you do not feel that after a certain period, do not despair, and also continue to add other topics, and as soon as the rock of the visitors explodes, then they will find that they quench their thirst for the topic that you address in your blog.

 Try to create a new and distinct style in your posts

Make your style unique and closer to the language your visitors speak,  so they will feel familiar with your own blog, and they will invite their friends to visit your blog too. When you are close to your visitors, they will enthusiastically share your posts on social media.

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