How do I get visitors through the forums                                                             
  Some of the emergence of social networking sites has actually reduced the importance of the forums, and is no longer as effective as it was in the past.
But the fact is that the forums are still alive and you can get a good amount of visitors from them.

What are forum visitors and what is their marketing importance?

Forums are specialized websites that revolve around a specific thing.
It allows its users to create accounts and then communicate with other members.
The interaction is through the topics raised by the forum managers, and any member can bring up a new topic for discussion.
The forums are basically based on communication between members.
One of the most important features of forums is that the members themselves create the forum content.
Therefore, everyone who is interested in a specific topic believes that the opinions he will find in the forums dealing with this topic are more reliable.
The idea of ​​the forums is mainly based on the participation and assistance of members to each other.       From here emerged the importance of visitors coming from the forums for the owners of the site, because it is one of the best types of targeted visitors for each site owner or commodity.
If you are a website owner, it provides a service for website owners to help them succeed.
So what do you think represents a forum for you with twenty thousand website owners who communicate with each other and share experience and solve problems.
Of course, it is an exceptional marketing opportunity that is totally unimaginable.
And if you can somehow grab the attention of these website owners through the forum for your service, you will get a good profit through them.
Since it is possible and assuming that you really have a good service for these people, it is natural for a group of them to buy the service you provide.
All you need now is to find a way to communicate with the members of this forum.
And to inform them of what has been presented appropriately to satisfy them and the owner of the forum itself.

What are the best ways to get visitors to the forums?

We can divide the methods of getting visitors through the forums into three levels.
We will address each of them separately and try to mention the most important advantages and disadvantages of it. The correct way to use each level as well as the cost and risk of each level.
Here, I intentionally used a specific term to separate the ways visitors get access through the forums.
Because it really has levels both in the amount of potential visitors from each of them or in the level of severity.

Annoying and unprofessional way to get forum visitors

This method is one of the most famous ways to get free visitors through the forums as it is one of the easiest.
In fact, there are many commission marketers specifically who have achieved good results in the past.
But I think it did not become feasible as in the past, in addition to that I do not prefer it on the moral level.
In this way, marketers participate in all the forums that talk about the offer or the commodity they market with commission.
They spread their affiliate link everywhere possible with spam.

The advantages of this method to obtain visitors from the forums

  • It is completely free
  • You do not need any preconfigures, just create an account in the forum, and then start publishing your commission link .

Disadvantages of the annoying method

  • In recent times, forums owners have more possibilities to identify annoying members and then ban them from the forum.
  • The forum members themselves have experience in knowing which of the members he is participating in order to benefit from them and which of them tries to provide them with good information. 
    Therefore, this method did not become feasible as before.

The free method, but professionally and smartly

This method is similar to the one he accepted in many respects, but in a different way as well and its outcome is also different.
In this way, professional marketers participate in forums that talk about the market they are targeting.
They remove valuable and useful topics for members, they also answer many members' questions and really try to help others.
They appear as professional and experienced members of the forum, giving other members more confidence in them.
These marketers do not directly paste affiliate nicks or their site's nicks into each forum's topics, but only make their signature the link of their website.
Perhaps because of their interaction with the members, they sometimes put their links on some issues, provided that this does not violate the policy of the forum.                                                              In fact, forum owners due to the importance of members of this type may give them more special features.
Free smart way features
  • It is completely free method as before.
  • You can get good results through it continuously. 
    You will not get a ban like you do with the first method followers
Its faults
  • You need more time and effort to gain the trust of the members of the forum and the trust of those in charge of the forum

The paid way to get forum visitors

In this way, you as a marketer simply buy visitors from the forum owners.
Mostly, these visitors will be in the way of renting advertisement spaces or advertising banners.
You should contact the operators of the forum, which you think is a good source for visitors to what you market, design attractive banner and send it to the owners of the forum.
And you start getting visitors directly.

Paid method features

  • You will not make any effort or time in this manner. 
    Just specify in which of the forums you want to place your banner and then wait and see visitors come to your site or your affiliate link.
  • You will get a good number of visitors in a guaranteed and continuous way as long as you pay the banner rent to the owner of the forum.

Disadvantages of the paid method

  • This type of visitor is very expensive. 
    As the competition is large to obtain targeted visitors from the forums, especially those specialized in profitable areas.
  • You must have a good tracking tool in order to measure the volume of visitors coming to your site through the forum that you pay for. 
    Then you can calculate your profit or loss from this type of visitor.
If you really want to get targeted visitors that you can profit through,  whether to market your affiliate link or to market your site, I strongly advise you to try this type of visitor.
But you have to choose the level that suits you carefully.

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