How to benefit from your CPA account manager                                           
 Work in marketing CPA offers is distinguished and not found in other types of commission marketing companies.  
This feature is that there will be a manager for the company and its mission is only to help you succeed.
Your account manager will provide you with all available information, in order to achieve good results with the company he works with.

Who is your CPA account manager?

A CPA employee that you work with. 

He has good experience in the CPA industry, and he is assigned by the company to assist and monitor the work of a group of publishers within the company.
The name in English is either Account Manager or Affiliate Manager. Abbreviated to AM. 

Within each company there are many account managers, and each of them is responsible for a specific number of publishers within the company.
In fact, a large part of your account manager’s income depends directly on your company’s profits. 

Whereas, according to the agreement between him and the company, he will have a share of the profits of the publishers responsible from him.                                                                                            So you must remember that this is the job of your account manager, and it is to help you to succeed.
Also, remember that he benefits from your success and profits. 

Therefore, never be shy to get the most benefit from it.
Once you are accepted to the company, you should find the data of your account manager within your account in the company. 

Sometimes he will send a welcome message to your email address, introduce himself to you and send you his contact information.
Your account manager provides you with the necessary information, the most efficient offers that you can market and make you more profitable. 

You can also negotiate with him to raise the payment for a specific offer if you send him an appropriate number of visitors every day.
Another function of the account manager is that it can place your tracking code on the advertiser's page. 

With which you can monitor and analyze your conversion.

How can I benefit from my CPA account manager?

1- You can communicate with him in real time through one of the instant messaging programs such as Skype and ask him about something that is not clear in your account, or how to access anything inside your account.
2- If there is an offer you want to market but it is not available in your country. 

You can ask your account manager to send you the offer page and he will send it to her directly.
3- You will never suddenly get a ban from the company. 

Because your account manager will send you a warning when you make any mistake that violates company policy.
4- There are many offers within CPA companies that are not available to all publishers. 

Because marketing requires certain skills, and these offers are very special and the conversion rate is high.
It is your account manager who often makes these offers available to you for you to market.
5- In fact, advertisers and companies achieve very good profits through publishers. 

So there is always room to raise the commission for each bid, in case they find you are marketing it well.
Your account manager also has great control over this point and can raise the commission rate for any offer you want to market even before you sell it.
6- One of the very good things is that if you achieved good results with your account manager in one of the companies and this manager moved to another company for any reasons.
He will invite you to join him in his new company. 

In this case, you will not need any effort or difficulty in obtaining approval for your account.

Your CPA account manager is a good source of knowledge

The account manager has much experience in ways to get visitors, through what he collects data and information through other publishers. 

It can share with you information about sources or strategies to obtain visitors.                                                                                                           There are also many benefits that you can add to this list.
Which you can get through your account manager according to your need or the problem you are facing. 

But the very important thing that I want to clarify here.
How much help you will get through your account manager and how quickly you respond depends mainly on establishing a good relationship with him.
In the end, your account manager is a person who has feelings and if he feels friendly towards you, he will help you and take care of everything related to your account.
My account manager, in my view, is a very important pillar of your success in marketing CBA offers. 

With his help, you can achieve the best possible profitable result. 
Make sure that you have a good relationship with him.

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