How to get free visitors through the video sites                                               
 Video visitors have quickly become one of the biggest and best ways to get visitors.
Video services sites like YouTube have made getting visitors very easy for many.
Years ago, many publishers benefited from CPA shows from big video sites like YouTube.
By uploading videos to a variety of songs, through which they marketed CPA offers for mobile ringtones and won a lot and lots of money through this simple strategy.
At the end of the video, these publishers put a message saying Get this ringtone to your mobile phone by pressing this link. 

When the user clicks on the link, he takes it to a CPA ringtone offer for the pro.

How to earn from video sites easily

 You can make a power point file explaining it, how through certain steps you can get rid of extra weight.                                                                                    You can get the material through Google, by searching for it on how to get rid of extra weight.
By using a tool like Camtasia,  you can register from your computer the Power Point page. 
 During viewing the page and recording, you can also merge your voice to explain and enrich what this page contains.
 At the end of the video, you can put a link from the CPA slimming offer before you advise them that there is a more effective and easy way to lose weight.
 You can also put your link in the description of the video. (YouTube allows you to provide a title and description for the video you are uploading in which you can place your CPA Link View.)
With this you will get a large number of visitors, whether for your site and from it to the CPA offer or to the CPA view directly.
As you put the keywords for the subject of slimming in the description of the video, you can also increase your ranking in the search engines and then get more views.
But remember to put in an attractive title and description for your video to get the user’s attention to watch it. 

If you get a large number of views, YouTube will raise your ranking to appear when searching.
Some smart marketers upload funny videos that are not directly related to CPA shows.
When these videos circulate dynamically and get hundreds of thousands of views, they place a CPA bid of popularity and win tons of dollars.

The most important and most popular video sites


MySpace Videos


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