How to get YouTube video ideas                                                                 
                                                                        Continuing to feed your channel with new videos is one of the most important factors for success on YouTube. To get a successful YouTube channel, you need YouTube video ideas constantly and at a steady rate. In fact, this is a challenge for many, especially beginners, as many beginners hardly have two or three ideas for videos, and they don't know what to do next. Even professionals and big-channel owners sometimes find it difficult to find new YouTube videos ideas for their channel.
In this article ... I will put in your hands a collection of methods, ideas and tips that will enable you to get new YouTube video ideas constantly. Regardless of your channel’s domain and the nature of your videos, this article will inspire you to constantly get new ideas.
This article will not provide you with a list of YouTube video ideas, but it will provide you with more than that, it will give you ways that will be an inexhaustible river bladder of ideas for new videos.

 Ways to get new YouTube video ideas

I assume here that you already have a YouTube channel already (if you do not already have a channel, you should go back to the article  How do I define the idea of ​​a YouTube channel , and if you want ready ideas then you should return to the article  of successful YouTube channels ideas ), here I also assume that this channel specializes in providing videos in a specialization Or a specific field.
Now, here are a few ways that you can get new ideas for your channel:

 Do brainstorming sessions

Brainstorming sessions are a very effective way to get YouTube video ideas, but you should do them the right way. You have to choose the right time, in which your mind is clear, and you must also choose the right place, a quiet place that helps you to think.

In brainstorming sessions, you have to remember two very important points: the first point is that you have to write down the ideas that you get, and not just keep them in your memory. The second point is that you have to write down every idea that comes to mind regardless of the nature of the ideas, without every idea even if it is trivial or difficult to implement or just a rudimentary picture of a big idea.

 Ask friends, family and close people

You can get new YouTube video ideas through close friends, family and acquaintances. These are the people who are most familiar with you, and they are supposed to be the people who love you the most, so they can be a good source for suggestions for new video ideas.

 Without any idea you can think of or be exposed to at any time

Away from the brainstorming sessions that we talked about at the beginning, in normal times you will find many ideas that come to mind from time to time, or you will find ideas presented to you from other sources, whether directly or indirectly, while you are browsing YouTube as a viewer, or while browsing videos Facebook, or while you're surfing the web in general.
Write down each of these ideas, and make the codification of ideas a permanent habit for you, by writing down ideas and even like ideas, you are creating for yourself a stock that you can return to when needed.

 Ask your channel followers

Your current followers and viewers are a great source for getting new ideas, some of them will suggest ideas on their own, but for more posts and suggestions I ask them to, tell them to welcome their suggestions, and want them to tell you about new video ideas for the channel. You will be surprised at how effective this method is when you try it.

 Draw new ideas from ideas that have already been implemented

Written content is not much different from visual content, and as a specialist in writing content, I am empirically confident that the content that has already been implemented is a brilliant and brilliant source of ideas for new content. In the winners there are many, many topic ideas that were generated from topics that were already on the site.
For this topic, for example, his idea was extracted from the idea of ​​the topic of defining the idea of ​​the YouTube channel mentioned above. You too can extract new ideas from videos that are already on your channel.

 Browse competitors ’channels

Competitors' channels is a very good source for getting more video ideas. This does not mean that you can automatically copy ideas, but you can build on them or formulate them in your own way, or be inspired by other unique ideas of your own.
Here you have to expand your horizons beyond competitors ’channels, as you can benefit from browsing the content of any channel. All you have to do is understand how ideas relate and branch together, and implement the strategy with your own channel.

Tips that will make it easier for you to get YouTube video ideas

Understand that specialization is on your side, not against you

Some beginners videos on YouTube make their channels public in order to avoid a lack of ideas, so you find them under the slogan of diversity making a video today about sports, and a video tomorrow to explain an idea, and then a video in another completely different discipline.
In fact, specialization is not a restriction on the way to enrich your channel with videos. Rather, it is an opportunity that enables you to excel in a specific field and cover it from all sides and angles, in different and varied images. Remember that specialization means focus and focus means better ability to produce.

Eat a few ideas with multiple videos

The option to address a single idea in multiple videos (consisting of episodes or parts), is an option that is always available, and it is a great option in many cases, but avoiding doing it artificially indicates the poverty of your thoughts. Do this only if the idea really deserves more than one video.

Now start implementing your first idea, and don't make the lack of ideas an obstacle in your way

Experience has a very important role in making a positive impact on your thinking. When you implement the ideas you already possess and experience the experience, you open up to your mind new horizons and a new look at things.
Don't be among those who stop before they start. Video ideas are everywhere and are in your mind. By converting the first idea of ​​a video, you are creating a place for new ideas                                                                                                        

Make a time plan to post new content to your channel and stick to it

Timeline is a vital component to help you find new ideas constantly. Commitment will make you spend more thought and research until you get the next idea. As for randomness, it will give you room for complacency and indolence.

Understand your audience well

Tell me some information about you and cut me down the middle of the road to know how to talk to you, and what topics we can discuss about. This is on a personal level, but it also applies to your YouTube followers.
The more you know about your target audience, the better you will have the ability to find the content that suits you.

Repeat the successful videos

Repetition here does not mean repetition in its literal sense, but it does mean repeating the essence of the idea. For example, if you were a girl and you have a YouTube channel about the arts of make-up and skin care, and you published a video entitled “5 Facial Masks with Natural Ingredients” and assuming that this video was a great success, then you can make a video called “3 distinct hand-held Masks with natural ingredients”.

Use the live stream feature to chat with your followers

The live broadcast feature has a special nature, it only needs to open the camera and start broadcasting, and there is a new video that has joined your channel. When it's time to post a new video and don't have a new idea, don't forget that there is an out-of-the-box solution to live chatting with your followers.
In the last part of my article I will address a very important point, which is how to measure video ideas to see how well they can be implemented, and then separate the executable and the ideas that you have to give up.

Questions you should ask before implementing video ideas

Does this video idea serve the basic idea of ​​the channel in general?

All of your videos should be consistent with each other, and serve the same goal that you address in your YouTube channel.  This will give you something of specialization and distinction among your viewers.

Can you now possess your potential to implement this idea well?

In many cases there are genius ideas for YouTube videos, but you do not have the capabilities that allow you to implement this idea appropriately, in this case you must search for easier ideas, and postpone this idea until you are ready for it.

Is the nature of your viewers compatible with this idea?

It's good that since your YouTube channel was created and uploaded its first video - you are very specific about the nature of the viewers you target in your videos. Are they female, male or both? what are their ages? What are their interests? Why did they watch your videos? Every new idea that comes to your mind should be appropriate to the nature, culture, and thought of your audience.

Is this the right time for this particular idea?

Organizing and arranging your content is a very important component of your YouTube channel’s success. This point is an advanced point and most beginners do not pay attention to it, but it makes a big difference.
For example, at the beginning of your channel, you should focus on the most attractive ideas to increase the number of subscribers, and this requires postponing the fat videos, even if they are more useful. Also, you need to address the ideas in general before starting to deal with them in detail and in particular, this is very important in the case of educational channels in particular.
In the end, I hope this article is a guide and guide for you, to get YouTube videos ideas always renewed for your channel. I am very glad to receive your comments and inquiries. Also, do not forget to share the topic with your friends in order to benefit like you.

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