How to profit from YouTube (comprehensive guide 2020)      
 There are a lot of articles that talk about profit from YouTube on many sites, and today I do not intend to add a new article to this list, but I intend to lay a foundation stone on how to profit from YouTube for every Arab girl or young man who wants to take advantage of the opportunities and profit potentials available through YouTube .

Today I will put in your hands an integrated guide through which you can become a real, successful, famous, and able to achieve thousands of dollars consistently and securely, and in legal ways that comply with YouTube's laws and conditions.
There is a legend that says that in order to make money on YouTube, all you have to do is post some clips and attract viewers, then sit back and watch the money fall on your account. Well, that sounds fun and we all hope things are that simple.
But the truth is that earning from YouTube requires time, effort, and investment as well. In fact, the results that can be achieved deserve the time, effort and investment required.
Here is a small list that includes some of the most important YouTube channels and the profits you make, from which you can estimate the huge profits that YouTube offers:                                        
  • DanTDM channel for its owner Daniel Midelton, which has an estimated profit of $ 16.5 million, and has more than 19 million subscribers with a  view count of 13,834,694,779 views.
  • VanossGaming channel is owned by Evan Fong, which has an estimated profit of $ 15.5 million, and has more than 23 million subscribers, with a view count of 10,093,833,407 views.
  • Dude Perfect, which has an estimated earnings of $ 14 million, and has more than 31 million subscribers with 6,531,844,044 views.

Why is profit from YouTube an exceptional opportunity for everyone

  • Video in general, and YouTube in particular, is an excellent way to communicate any idea in an easy, simple and effective way for Internet users.
  • The Internet user is often lazy, so he prefers to see what he wants on the Internet with less means to exert effort, and this is precisely what YouTube videos provide.
  • According to  statistics about YouTube , it alone attracts nearly two billion users per month (1.800 billion to be exact).
  • Because of YouTube’s revenue-sharing system, video producers have become more motivating to create videos in a highly efficient and professional way and to cover all human interests. Based on this, YouTube users have come to trust it as a search engine and use it not only for entertainment, but they use it to answer all their questions and solve all their problems.
  • YouTube represents an opportunity for every person with a passion or interest, to turn that passion or interest into an opportunity to make a profitable and growing profit.                                             
  • YouTube is not an opportunity for a specific class of content creators, but it has opened up new opportunities and opportunities for photographers, video designers, actors, directors, etc. In short, YouTube is an online version of the world of cinema and television. Rather, it is a more innovative and flexible version, and its doors are open to everyone without distinction.
  • What do I need to start earning from YouTube

     YouTube Channel Idea

    This point is considered the most important and most dangerous point of all time in the way of profit from YouTube, and if implemented smartly and wisely, it cuts a lot of effort and wasted time in the future.
    In order to test the possibility of the success of the idea of ​​the YouTube channel that you want to work on, you have to evaluate it according to two main axes, and they will be expressed here through these two questions:
    Will your channel be around an idea you're really good at
    There is always a common factor among all YouTube stars, or let us say among all successful and popular YouTube channels, this factor is that they are really good at what they do.

    Let's take, for example, one of the famous and successful YouTube channels specialized in teaching make-up to girls. You will find that the girl with the channel or introduction to the article is really interested in the world of makeup, and has great knowledge about this world, and you will always find her seeking knowledge and learning about the field of make-up to offer something new to her followers.
    Here, as a person looking to profit from YouTube, you should have the idea of ​​a YouTube channel that revolves around a field that you really are interested in, knowledgeable and knowledgeable about it, and you have a passion and love to always learn in this field.
    Is there an audience who is interested in what you intend to show on your channel 
    Suppose in the previous point that you are interested in astronomy and space and intend to create a YouTube channel on this topic, in the following point you should measure the size of your expected audience. Here are some points that will help you understand the size of your potential audience:

    Use the Google tool to measure the rate of searching for keywords ( Keyword Planner ), enter the most important keywords that will revolve around your channel and without the monthly search rates for each word.
     Search YouTube for channels similar to the one you would like to create, and note the number of subscriptions for each of them (remember that the small number of subscribers may be due to the poor quality of the channels, and not to the lack of an interested audience).
    Also, you should search for videos similar to what you would like to present on your channel. Some channels that offer various content may contain one or more videos related to your channel idea, also without the number of views for each video.
     Search the social media for groups or pages that talk about ideas that are identical or similar to your channel idea, and without the size of these groups and the level of interaction with them.

    Skill set

    Now you have the idea of ​​a YouTube channel according to your interests and passions, which you found to have a large audience already interested. Very cool, now you have to know the skills you need to start implementing the idea.
    Although working as a YouTube publisher is something flexible, and you can start with the lowest possible capabilities, there are some important skills that you have in case you want to create a promising YouTube channel with a fast growth rate.
    I will list you with the most important skills required in the YouTube world, but this does not necessarily mean that you need all of them to start your channel and profit from it, as there are certain skills that you will not need depending on the nature of your channel.                                                                       
    Also, it is important to say that most successful and profitable YouTube channels are not based on one person, but behind an entire team working together with different disciplines, so you as a channel owner do not have all the skills that we will mention below.
    Speaking, speaking, acting, explaining, and commenting
    skills Of course, you have to have the skill that is appropriate to the nature of the content that you intend to present on your channel. The hard..etc.

    Imaging skills
    Video quality is a very important component for getting more views, and then making more profits, and of course the quality of the video depends greatly on the imaging skills of the photographer.

    Editing, editing and directing skills
    Good photography without good directing is nothing. So in order to complete the good filming of the videos, there must also be skills to produce this filming professionally, and this requires a professional specialist in producing the videos.

    Marketing skills
    Everything that happens through the Internet requires marketing efforts in order to bear fruit, and this applies to profit from YouTube as well. As a YouTube channel owner, you have to have some knowledge and skill on how to market your videos and channel, whether through YouTube itself or through other social media, or through a separate blog for your YouTube channel.

    But what if you do not have some of these skills and want to start under any circumstances, is there a good alternative that you can rely on without having to learn all these skills? In fact, yes, there is an alternative.
    The alternative here is to outsource specific tasks you are not good at. For example, you can rely on yourself in the stage of photography (if you are good at this), and rely on external sources in the stage of montage, for example.
    In fact, there are three different forms of external sources, which you can rely on any of them to complete tasks related to the profit from YouTube, and this is an explanation of each of them:
    Getting a partner
    Assuming the same example of our previous example is that you are good at photographing and not good at montage, then you can search for a partner who will montage and make videos for a percentage of profits.

    Contracting with an independent
    The second form of external sources is to search for a person who is fluent in the skill you are looking for and contract with him, for example, you can agree with him on a certain amount for each video that he modified and prepared.

    Relying on self-employment platforms,
    in my view, this is the easiest and fastest way to obtain external resources to complete specific tasks. With  freelance platforms,  you can get the job you want very accurately, at an excellent price.

    And for those who do not know what self-employment platforms are: they are platforms that act as a mediator between sellers and buyers in the services market, in which you will find services in all kinds of tasks that come to your mind, for example in the world of video industry you will find services to work all kinds of videos, and services specialized in the industry Introduction to videos, video editing services, sound effects services, etc.
    One of the most important and well-known freelance  platforms is the Pfeiffer platform on  which you will find professionals in the video industry. You may be surprised if you know that there are about 650 services on Pfeiffer that are intended and intended only for YouTube channel owners, which cover all aspects of success and profit from YouTube, which vary between channel creation, marketing, video creation, marketing, professional introductions design ... etc.       

     A set of equipment and tools

    It is generally known in our lives ... that good skills require getting the right tools to execute and transform them into concrete action. Likewise, in the world of profit from YouTube, all of the skills mentioned above need tools to bear fruit.
    Before starting to include the list of tools required in the YouTube world, we must also point out that, as you are looking to profit from YouTube, you do not have to own all the tools that will be mentioned below, the tools required in your case depend largely on the nature of your channel and the content you want to provide.
    • Photographic equipment Your photographic equipment 
      could be your personal mobile phone camera, or it could be specialized and sophisticated heavy imaging equipment. Photographic equipment also includes lighting and sound recording equipment.
    • Video creation and editing
      programs, which are specialized programs in creating and editing videos, adding some parts in the foreground and end, and doing optical tricks… etc.

     Financial budget to meet expenses

    Profiting from YouTube is just like any other business, as it needs an investment to develop it in order to obtain faster growth and greater return. You have to have a financial budget to meet your channel’s expenses, and you must stick to this budget towards your channel. Here, investing in your channel will save you a lot of time and effort, which is your quickest way to get a channel that generates a satisfactory profit for you.

    Action Plan

    The plan is the crown that will crown all your efforts with success, and it is the element that connects all the previous points and makes them work together in harmony, in short the plan is the path to success. In the second and fourth points I dealt with the requirements for profit from YouTube in general, but at this point I will give you the key that enables you to know which of these requirements you really need in your special case.
    Here is a set of questions that you must answer to determine your business plan:
     What kind of videos do you intend to post to your YouTube channel 
    Of course there are a lot of options here and here are the most famous:

    • Face to talk and talk, to explain an idea or information, or to try to entertain the audience through comedy.
    • Various live shooting (such as animal or archaeological videos, landscapes, etc.) may be with voiceover.
    • Show consistent visual content (such as images and written text) with voiceover.
    • Advanced visual content with background music to illustrate an idea or information (such as animation, animation or motion graphics)
    • Recording from the screen (most likely to explain a program or to record any educational activity directly from the screen).
    Will you work alone or will you create a team? 
    By working alone, you can save a lot of money, and use it in other aspects such as marketing, but also by working on your own, you are losing many opportunities for rapid growth, and you will not be able to do everything perfectly. However, this point is related to the type of videos you intend to post to your channel.

    How much budget are you going to invest to earn from YouTube
    Budget size is a very important component of your YouTube profit plan. Financial investment can cut a lot of time and effort, and through it you can achieve rapid growth rates. But the important thing here is to set priorities and distribute the budget according to importance.                                                                                              

    The budget, of course, depends on many factors, such as the quality of the videos, participation in exchange for employment for others, the rate of publication, the required volume of growth, etc.
    What time do you intend to devote to earning from YouTube
    Partly working, of course, will never yield results that can be achieved with a full devotion of time.

    What do you intend to use to earn from YouTube
    Everyone knows the traditional way to profit from YouTube by placing Google ads, but in reality there are many  other ways to profit from YouTube without Adsense . This includes commission marketing, selling a private product or service, or making branding videos.

    Steps to profit from YouTube

    The first step: create a YouTube channel

    To make a YouTube channel, you should return to a previous topic in the winners titled  How to make a YouTube channel
    In any case, creating a YouTube channel is a very easy matter, and you do not need more than one account on Google, and with some simple steps you can choose a suitable name for your channel, and then start preparing it in terms of description, its own image..etc.

    Step 2: Start to supply your channel with videos consistently and continuously.

    Start with all your strength, and try to implement catchy and interesting video ideas at first, with which you can attract subscribers to your channel. Keep publishing new videos, and try to avoid the mistakes that you made in previous videos, listen to your audience even if it was a little in the beginning, try to please it and benefit from its advice and suggestions, and encourage it to share its opinions always.
    For some tips on creating a YouTube video, refer to the topic How to  Create a Successful YouTube Video .

    Step 3: Start marketing your channel and videos

    • Create pages on the social media of your YouTube channel.
    • Create paid advertising campaigns on YouTube.
    • Ask your friends, family and loved ones for help to help your videos reach more viewers.
    • Try to reach mutual marketing agreements with channel owners in the same field or near fields.
    • Try to  use the trend to get more views  (using the trend means making videos about hot events or popular videos)
    • Encourage viewers of your videos to subscribe to the channel, and share the videos on social media.
    • Create a blog for your YouTube channel, post textual content about the videos, and embed the videos on the blog. (See our  free steps for creating a free WordPress blog )

    The fourth step: start making a profit

    There are a lot of ways to profit from YouTube as mentioned above, but the most important and best known is through participation in Google Adsense, and linking the channel to the Adsense account.
    It is worth noting that there are  conditions for profit from YouTube  that must be met in order to enable profit from the channel, the channel that wants to activate the profit must have these conditions:
     1000 subscribers at least.
    4000 hours views in the last 12 months.
    The channel’s compliance with YouTube’s monetization policies.
     You are a resident of a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available
    Note: The second condition is not 4000 views for your videos, but 4000 hours views, i.e. the results of views for all of your videos during the last 12 months, is 4000 hours.

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