Profit from essay writing (full guide 2020) Profit from essay writing                                                                               
 or blogging is a goal for many who want to work on the Internet, it is a well-known and proven method and there are many examples.
The winners site that you are currently reading these lines is a practical example of profit from writing articles, and this site has arrived to be one of the best Arabic sites in everything related to the Internet and profit from it thanks to God.
For this we wanted to put you a complete guide to profit from writing articles, in order to find all the tools and information you need to achieve success in this field.
There are a lot of people who have tried and failed in this field, writing articles is not for anyone, for this you will find in this guide strategies that help you test what we provide of information before you start your project.
And unlike many other sources - you will find here the whole truth clearly, without trying to beautify things or sell delusions just as much as when talking about work on the Internet and profit from it                                                                                         is not all, if there is any information or tools you need it - you will find Their sources are mentioned here, so you can consider this guide as a reference for you in everything related to profit from writing articles or blogging.

Why profit from writing articles is an effective method

Before I start talking about the most important advantages of profiting from writing articles, I would like to emphasize something very important, because this is the difference between success and failure to profit from any field on the Internet.
There are a lot of  ways and methods to profit from the Internet , so you should not choose any field or method of being profitable, or that you just heard about it from anyone.
Now let's talk about why profit from essay writing is an area that many people care about.

 Ease of application compared to other methods

Profit from writing articles and unlike other fields that are easy to apply, all you have to do is rely on your creativity and start writing for a specific audience.
It is true that there are some other things that you need such as having some knowledge of site management (if you want to own one) and also SEO for search engines.
But despite this, it is still easier to profit from writing articles than many areas in the profit from the Internet, and do not worry all the things I mentioned earlier, we will talk about it later in more detail.

 Ease of testing

You can easily test yourself in this field to know if you are able, and whether your writing will really appeal to people or not, and this is through one of the following methods:
  • Own a free site and try posting some of your articles, you can for example  create a free blog on WordPress , or use one of the other  free blog sites  to create a blog.
  • Write short articles on various social media, and see how your friends interact with what you write.
  • Blog in any forum, there are many forums in all areas in the Arab world.
  • Display your writings to different website owners for free - as opposed to evaluating what you write and giving you some advice.

 Multiple sources that you can learn from

There are many ways you can improve your writing skills, the article you are reading now and the winners site is one of these.
Every article you read on the Internet you will learn from it, the style, the choice of words and addresses, the arrangement of ideas and other things. If you are a real blogger, you will look at all these matters with a closer eye.
There is also a very important way for you to learn everything about blogging, and that is experience, try and try with your hands first and you will learn little by little.                                                       

 Multiple profit methods

The advantage also in profiting from writing articles is that there are many ways that you can profit from, because you are not restricted to one source of income if your work is interrupted.
This is in contrast to many other methods that rely on only one method of profit, and do not worry we will talk in detail about all the ways of profit from writing articles later in this article.

 Things you need to know

There are several very important elements that you should know before you start earning from writing articles, so please focus well on the following points so that you do not fail in this area.

 Why do you want to be an essayist?

I have tried to point this out at the beginning of this guide but this is not enough, here I am asking you the question again “  Why do you want to be an essayist?  “.
Leave your phone out of your hands or get away from your computer, and think about an answer to my question for you then complete the reading. And do not forget to be honest as you answer me this question.
I hope you thought well, and now to think together aloud, do you really like to write? Do you have a pen and paper in your hands that writes everything that comes to your mind?
Do you like to read books, whether printed or electronic? How many books have you read this week or this month? Do you follow some websites constantly?
If I ask you now who is the writer or blogger that you constantly follow and love his style and learn from him, will you have an answer to this question?
If you cannot answer me with these questions, believe me, this field is often not for you. You can  have a website  to profit from, but you must use a real blogger or writer.
Don't worry if article writing doesn't work for you, there are plenty of other  self-employment areas  you can try with.
To be a blogger, you must be passionate about writing, you love to know and know what's new, especially in your field, you like to search and search for information until you find a way to distinguish yourself.
Think about this well before you take any step, and if you are truly passionate, continue reading.

 Select a specific domain

There are many who write about any field and anything, you will find many of them in  the  different self-employment platforms , but most of them do not make a good profit, or hardly a profit.
You have to be a specialist, you are not interested in everything on the surface of this planet, so you must write about what you love, about the things you have previous experience or experiences.
This does not mean that you write on more than one topic, which I mean to write on what you understand.
 For example, I am an engineer and web developer and I study data science and marketer, so you find me writing about everything related to marketing, technology, and self-development because this is what I understand.
You will not find me writing in the medical fields, or about fitness, or other topics, this is what I mean, I write about what you know.
As long as you write in a field that you are familiar with, your writing will surely be better, and it will give the reader concrete, concrete information useful to him in his working life.

 Define your audience first

Before you write any letter, you have to ask yourself who is the person you are writing to. You must know that you are writing to people, not yourself.
In the sense that the arrangement of ideas, terms, and information you mention must fit the mindset you address, you must be aware of the problems and goals of the person you are addressing in order to help them in a practical way.
For example, in this guide you will not find me talking about targeted writing for Conversion Optimization or Lead Generation and other topics.
I know that I am addressing a novice person, who does not need to know all these resonant terms, and believe me, you will know for yourself all these things, and more when you gain practical experience.
So you have to follow the same method, understand your audience well and try to provide him with a great experience in all ways while reading your articles.

 Determine the nature of the platform on which you publish your content

Social Media Blogs differ from what you write on forums and what you write on websites, each platform has its own style.
You should be well aware of this. For example, in this article, I have spoken more than once about the winners ’website itself, in order to get you more connected to it and get to know it.                                         This will be different. If you write this guide on Facebook, for example, or on any free blog, you should be aware of the features of the platform you are dealing with.

 Adhere to SEO rules

How did you, dear reader, reach this page, did you follow the winners' website itself, or the articles that we suggest to you, or through search engines.
SEO, or SEO, is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, a SEO for writing articles and topics in a specific way that appears in the first results in search engines.
It is true that we write for human beings, but most of the time you want your writings to reach the largest number of people, for that you will depend on the search engines, and for this you have to, write in a way that the search engines understand.

Ways to profit from writing articles

There are two ways to profit from writing articles in general, and of course each has its advantages and disadvantages, and this is what we will talk about in detail in the following points.

Profit from writing articles by self-employment

This method is easy and clear, because you will rely on your blogging skills to sell your articles to whoever needs them. This method may be good at the beginning of your career.
The most important characteristics of this method:
  • You get direct cash for your articles.
  • Don't worry about running websites or anything other than writing, and this reduces the pressure on you.
  • There are many free business websites where you can offer your services.
  • You can contact the owners of sites and blogs directly to get a job.
  • Profit is somewhat small for your effort, especially if you rely on self-employment sites.
  • Your profit will depend on one method, if you do not get new clients you will not get money.

Profit from writing articles by owning a website

This method needs to know how to create and manage a website properly, this is not difficult at all but it takes some time for you to get used to it.
    You will also need to know how you will get a traffic (visits) to your site in order for the audience your articles to read, will you rely on social media only or will you focus on search engines.
    For the sake of this profit from owning a site, it may take some time, especially since the articles on your site will not reach the first page of search engines overnight.
    Despite this, this is the most profitable way in blogging, and you can earn money in many different ways, which does not make you vulnerable to losing all your profits because you depend on more than one source.
    Now I will show you the most important ways to profit from writing articles when you own a website:
    Profit by ads
    These are the most popular and most reliable  ways to profit from websites . The ads you see as you read these lines are one of the ways we rely on profit on the winners site.
    This method requires some knowledge in dealing with advertising platforms such as Adsense and others, in order to get the most profit possible.
    It is worth noting that this method will not generate significant income for you, especially in Arabic content, because the price of a click is not high compared to the English content. But it's still a good way.
    Profit by cooperating with companies and brands
    There are a lot of owners of companies and services who communicate with us in order to promote their services and products for money, this method may be very profitable in many areas.
    When you have followers and your site enters a good number of visits every month, then you can cooperate with any company that provides any service in your field in order to promote it.
    Imagine that you are a fitness-talking site, and you find a company that makes nutritional supplements for athletes, that this company will pay you to write an article about their products, or promote these products among your followers.
    This method called marketing by influencers, and it has become very popular with the development of marketing means in our Arab world.
     Profit by commission marketing
    This is the most powerful way to profit from writing articles. Affiliate marketing is to filter some products or services to your website visitors, and when they purchase them from your links.
    The company that owns that product gives you a commission because you brought them a new customer. This method is very profitable, especially after you build a close relationship between you and your followers.
     Profit by selling services
    As long as you write in practical areas, this means that you are an expert in what you write about, why don't you sell your services and time to anyone who needs it, for example, suppose you write about photography.
    Why not sell your services as a photographer, and if you write about information technology, why not help those who need to make systems and applications for his company or factory.
    Another example is the sites for fitness and beauty, you will find many of these sites if you search, and you will see for yourself that the owners of those sites are promoting their services as beauty experts for money.
    There are a lot of examples that I can mention to you, all you need is to build a good relationship with your followers and help them solve their problems honestly, then you will find them asking for your help in their work for the money.
     Profit by selling digital products
    If you write in the educational and educational fields, you can earn money through digital products, you can sell an e-book for example.
    You can also sell educational courses to your followers who want to improve their skills by learning from you, because they know your style and trust you with the information you provide.
    In the online business article you mentioned at the beginning of this guide you will find all the tools and platforms you can take advantage of to create and sell digital products.
    Profiting from essay writing is a wonderful field for everyone who has a passion for writing and has a little patience to see the results of his work and his efforts.
    Of course you need knowledge and experience but do not worry, all this will acquire over time, as long as you have the passion and the will to achieve your goals you will reach the best levels.
    At the end of this guide I hope that you found it interesting and useful, and that it has illuminated for you the way to profit from writing articles, and for this I would like you to leave us your opinion in the comments.
    I would also like you to share this guide with everyone you think will benefit from it, so maybe you will help him and light the way for him. 

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