Profit from Facebook groups (comprehensive guide 2020) Facebook groups                                                                     
  have become a big issue in recent years, especially after Facebook updates to traditional pages, and these pages do not allow members to interact and share as they do in groups.
Because of this great use and interaction profit from Facebook groups has become very common, how not! ... and those groups contain constantly interacting users.
And here the most important question appears,  "Are you exploiting Facebook groups in the right way? . Some people think that profit from Facebook groups is nothing but spreading products or services in all possible places and times.
And there are others who may not know the true power of Facebook's experiences, and what he can achieve through him whether he owns a project (website - YouTube channel - Instagram account - company - store) or was working in the field of self-employment.
Distinguished in profit from Facebook groups specifically that it is suitable for anyone and in any field, especially girls and housewives, they spend a lot of time on Facebook, so why not use it to make money.                                                                                      Profit from Facebook groups in general depends on two methods:
  • Get traffic (visits) and direct it to the place you want it to generate profits in some way.
  • Selling products and services directly (because communication via groups makes the process of persuasion easy)
And in order to achieve positive results - whatever method you rely on - you have to think differently from what most people do on Facebook groups, whether you rely on foreign or Arab groups.
That is why we have prepared this article in order to explain to you, dear reader / dear reader, everything you need, whether knowing all the methods and strategies that suit each method, or the mistakes that you should avoid.
You will also find here some ideas about profiting from Facebook groups, which you may not have noticed, all this step-by-step as usual on the site of winners.
This is why you will find that in each method that we display (which depends on one or both of the two previous methods) we explain all the necessary steps, information and tools that you need.

Profit from Facebook groups by creating a community

This method is overlooked by many of the entrepreneurs I mentioned earlier, as it is a very effective method, and it will increase your profits, whatever your method of profit depends on.
You are one of these:
  • Website owner providing useful content.
  • The owner of a YouTube channel.
  • The owner of a page or account on Instagram.
  • Own a company that provides services or sells products.
Whatever field you work in,  you are dependent on profit from one or all of the following methods:
  • Profit from Adsense ads
  • Profit from commission marketing 
  • Profit from direct selling
In order to increase your profits, you need visitors (in order to earn advertising), and you need visitors to trust you (in order to earn from commission marketing and direct selling).
And here comes the role of Facebook Group, which helps you to solve all these problems and facilitate everything you need to increase your profits ... Let me clarify the picture for you more.
Let's say you own / own a YouTube cooking channel, what do you think will happen when you build a Facebook group that shares tips?
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Also interact with your audience, answer some questions, exchange discussion on various issues and events of interest to your audience. Do you know what will happen?
  • When you post any new video, this audience will accelerate to watch it, which increases its reach and makes YouTube promote it more (and the same is true with your new articles on your site).
  • When you promote a book or a specific tool (for profit from commission marketing) this audience will be accepted to subscribe, because he trusts you and has developed a relationship of friendship and knowledge with you.
  • The more you understand your audience, the better you will know the problems you are facing and will make better content.
  • Owners of companies and services will accept you to cooperate with them (in what is known as influencer marketing), because you have an interactive audience that trusts you.
  • When you launch any product (a cookbook for example) or a service of your own, it will be easy to promote and achieve results as quickly as possible .
This method is one of the most important ways to profit from Facebook groups the right way.

Profit from Facebook groups by bringing in visitors

You might say to yourself (I don't have a huge audience - I'm still a beginner - I don't want to be in charge of managing a group and communicating with followers continuously), and maybe you're right.    But does this mean that you cannot take advantage of Facebook groups, of course not ... there are many different groups in all areas that you can take advantage of in your favor.
I will not repeat the results that you will get, they are the same that I mentioned to you previously, but the important thing is how to do it, how to get the traffic the right way.
This is the problem that a lot of people fall into, and that prevents them from exploiting the promotion through various Facebook groups. Let us help you in this problem through the following element.

How to get visitors from Facebook groups

All you need to do is follow the following steps:

 Improve your personal account

Most of the people who will interact with you on Facebook groups will want to know who you are, for this your profile should be professional and have all the necessary information.
Use a personal photo (this is better than the logo or the traditional logo of your site or channel), use the cover image in the profile to put the title of your site, your channel or your Instagram account.
Always make your latest posts useful, interesting and related to your field. You can count on a new account that is different from your personal account if you like.
All of this helps anyone visiting your personal account (after you have taken the following steps) to follow you and visit your website or YouTube channel.

 Search for Facebook groups the right way

This is a very important point because many who rely on this method do not research the interacting groups correctly, so you should follow the following points: 
  • Search for groups related to your most interactive field, and check all Facebook suggestions for similar groups.
  • Look for the groups that your audience resides in, so it is not a requirement that you specialize in your field ... so that we can return to the same example of the cooking channel, which audience you are targeting. Are not housewives and young girls most likely? Why not search for clothes, diet and healthy eating groups, fitness, public chat groups, bridal groups, etc. ... any groups your audience can be with.

  • Search for influencers' groups (famous company groups - magazines - big sites - influencers group on YouTube - Instagram influencers) in your field.
Thus you will find yourself in front of a fair amount of interacting groups, which I will tell you how to use them correctly, just follow the steps in the same order.

 Provide benefit

This is the biggest mistake that most of the people who depend on this method of making profit from Facebook groups fall into. Everyone is looking for their interest, not the interest of people and members of those groups.
You find that most of those who rely on these methods promote completely wrong ways (follow me - follow my account with valuable information - my latest videos - do you suffer from obesity, this video that I published recently will solve your problem).
All this is not true, you should know that all people want their interest is, and not yours, they do not care about you and your videos and articles or anything else, but their interest and the benefit that accrue to them only.
That is why you do not promote this method at all, especially if you are new to the group and the members do not know you, all you have to do is provide the benefit only.
Let's continue on the same previous example, the cooking channel, to assume that you are now my dear reader in the Facebook group talking about clothes, for example, and there is one of the members has a problem in its weight and can not wear the clothes that you want.
What if you gave her some information about healthy eating and useful cooking recipes that do not increase the weight, and if she continues to ask you may offer her your video that talks about this.
Or maybe she goes by herself and browses your profile and becomes a follower of your channel, in this way you only provide the benefit, and you are not looking for your best interest.
There are other members and when they see the information you provide in comments and discussions, they will also watch the video or follow you in person, or they may send you to request a friendship, and all this is in your interest.
This is the right way to provide benefit and promote yourself and your project (which applies to various areas and groups) so that people do not think you are selfish and looking for your best interests.
The more you continue to do so in the same group, the more popular you become among its members, and this will help you achieve better results, especially if you follow the next step.

 Collaborate with Facebook group owners and managers

Each group on Facebook has certain rules, because most large groups do not allow their members to post any personal links, in order to keep the group from spam and rogue promotion.
If you are an interactive member of these groups, you can contact the group manager and ask him to publish your content, you are an interactive member and the members trust you, and you always benefit.
Or you can write to the owners of the various groups, especially if they are interested in spreading useful information, and as long as your content is good and provides benefit, you will find many of them do not mind.

 Corresponding with interested and activists on Facebook groups

This method may also be effective in many areas, where you can write some interactive group members to talk to them, you may ask some questions that are related to their posts, and you can send them your links if this is appropriate.
You can also send them a friend request, which increases the followers of your personal account (note: the maximum number of friends for any account is 5000), and thus increases the number of people who view your posts.                                                                   This way you get good traffic and followers from Facebook groups in a correct way, but I advise you to try to start creating your own group as soon as possible.
The previous steps for promoting, communicating and benefiting are very important, and we will be counting on them in the next ways to profit from Facebook tweets.

Profit by promoting your products

Maybe you have an online store , or sell some handicrafts or used tools on the Facebook Marketplace .  
That is why you always need to promote your new products, and in the same way as before in promoting and communicating, you can increase the volume of your sales and the number of your customers, especially as you provide them with benefits.
As I told you previously, try not to be selfish and only looking to achieve sales without providing benefit, always think about the best interests of your customer and what he needs and not what you want.

Profit from Facebook groups by commission marketing

You can win by commission marketing without the need to create a website or YouTube channel, especially if you are a beginner.
You can participate in commission marketing programs (the famous Souk site program - Jumia website program - Click Bank website) and other well-known commission marketing programs and start promoting them.
Of course you will do the same promotion method that I told you about, and this time instead of sending a video link or your own article, you will send your affiliate link.
This method is very good for beginners, which over time will bring you reasonable income, which you can use to build a website or YouTube channel in order to increase your profits.
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Profit from Facebook groups by self-employment

If you are a designer, programmer, or expert in e-marketing , or have any skill, there is always an audience and potential customers for you on different Facebook groups. 
Suppose you understand in the SEO field, why don't you search in different marketing groups for those who have problems in this field, give them benefit in the way I mentioned to you previously, then offer them your services.
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There are many beginners in the world of profit from the Internet through freelance who do not know how to get their first customer, and some of them give up because of this.  
After registering on a freelance platform (such as the famous Khamsa site ), it is difficult to find clients, because you are a beginner, you do not have any ratings, and it is difficult for any new client to trust you easily.    
So why not use Facebook groups to get clients, until you improve your profile and your ratings, which helps you to get more customers with time.
Facebook Group is a great solution to this problem, as there are a lot of people who I know personally rely only on Facebook Group to get new customers.
All you have to offer is a real benefit and show your skill and experience in your field, or you may offer your services for a simple fee or even for free in order to build a name and status for yourself and have a strong profile.

Tips to increase the profit from Facebook groups

Adhering to all the steps I mentioned earlier will make you use Facebook groups correctly, but there are also some tips that will generally benefit you.
  • Do not be insistent, if you do not find a benefit or response from communicating with someone or the manager of any group, do not insist on him with your messages or ties.
  • He provided a real benefit in good faith, so providing the assistance is always good for the owner.
  • Try to specialize in a specific field in order to gain the most experience and achieve the best results, do not seek popular programs and offers from right and left, because this will not make people trust you and therefore will not achieve good profits.
Profiting from Facebook groups is a very important step and a tool for anyone who seeks to use the Internet to make profits or increase his income and enlarge his project to rely on it and use it in the best possible way.
For this I advise you to re-read the article again, especially the part of the marketing strategy, to ensure that you are on the right track.
Communication with people of all interests and ages has become a necessity for anyone who relies on the Internet, let alone the one who seeks to profit from him.
Do not forget to share this article with your friends and girlfriends and anyone who may benefit from it, and if you have any questions or requests do not hesitate to leave it to us in the comments.                                

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