The most important terms CPA                                               
This makes many beginners need to know the most important terms CPA.
The CPA industry is characterized by many of its terms, in addition to some other terms that are used in the field of commission marketing in general.  
Everyone looking to profit through CPA companies must be familiar with these terms. Especially since it is used in the field of commission marketing in general as well.  

The most important terms CPA

Cost Per Action

CPA is always used for abbreviation and literally cost-to-action. 

It calls the marketing industry we are talking about and it is marketing offers that need to be completed by a specific user action.

This action can be very simple as entering the name and email address of the target user. 

It may be a complete sale and there are many other types of offers that come between these two types of offers.                                                                                     This term is used singularly as a reference to the domain in general, and it comes with many other terms used as you will see shortly.


It means the affiliate link for every publisher of the CPA company. 

It could be a link, banner, or email.

For example, if you want to market an auto insurance offer, the company allows you to market it through the banner, and this banner has its own code for your affiliate link, and this is called Creative.

CPA Network

It refers to CPA companies that act as an intermediary between the advertiser and the publisher and have a significant and very important role in the CPA industry.  

Offer Payout

It means the commission for each individual offer. 

Any offer has a specific commission charged to your account when the user performs the required action in this offer.

Offer page

It means the page of the offer that the advertiser owns and you are supposed to send your visitors on it from your affiliate link.


It is the name given to you as a publisher in the CPA company and also means Affiliate.


Your number within the CPA company means your code as a company publisher.


The process of converting pressure into commission is called. For example, if you get 700 clicks on a specific offer, the number of offer performances is called commission or conversion. 

It can be referred to conversions as single numbers, and it can be calculated as a percentage of clicks.


She calls every performance a show or a show. Very similar to the term that precedes it.

Affilliate Manager

He is your account manager who follows you in every CPA company you subscribe to. 

It is worth noting that the account manager is a very important component of success in marketing CPA offers, so by doing a good relationship with him you can get a lot of important information and assistance and get approvals to market special offers.


It means promoting and calling the processes that you do to market the CPA offer.


Cost Per Click, which means how much you pay for your advertising campaigns for one click. 

Any cost per click and this applies more to PPC campaigns.

If you buy Pay-to-Click visitors to market CPA offers this term will be used a lot.


Which is the abbreviation Earnings Per Click and means:
What the publisher earns for every click he gets or every visitor who clicks on his affiliate link.                                                                                                   For example, if you were selling an offer that paid $ 10 and you had 1,000 clicks on that offer or as a visit to the offer page.
And if 100 users complete the offer from among the 1000 users, then you have made a commission of 1000 dollars.
It is the product of the number of transfers in the offer commission. 

If we divide the number of clicks that you obtained by the total return, this pressure will be equal to one dollar, which is EPC.

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