viral traffic                                                                               

                                                                                  One of the strongest sources of free visitors is viral or viral circulation.
Because it grows very big in a short period of time.
This type of visitor primarily depends on sharing between users. 

As the users themselves are the ones who carry out the same marketing process through the transmission of the site or page link between them.

For example, if you have a funny video, and you post the link to it on your Facebook profile. 

Some of your friends made a video sharing with their friends because they found it funny and worth sharing.

Then part of your friends of friends shared the video in turn. 

For example, the video spread to Facebook more broadly.                                                 In this case your video gets new views or visitors in a dynamic spreading way.

The most important factors in the success of getting visitors to bio-spread

Providing innovative and attractive content, service or goods

Getting visitors to a dynamic spread works best when you give or sell an innovative good, content, or service and people need it.
Hotmail was the first free website that relied on providing a free email account. 

The proliferation marketing that gives something free usually extends to most people. 

Especially if this product or service possesses a high value advantage.
The most common examples of bio-marketing include free e-mails, free postcards, free books and reports.

Easy to move

Viruses can only survive when they are able to transmit easily .. 

Whatever product, service, or content that you market in a viral spread marketing way must be easily transmissible.

For example, digital products such as e-books, reports and programs are transmitted very quickly because they can be copied and moved easily.


The good or service must be motivating the user to pass it on to others. 

For example, e-greeting cards thrive in dynamic marketing because people are motivated to send them to each other

There are many motivational behaviors that can be exploited with viral marketing strategy to ensure that the marketing message is conveyed. 

One of the most motivating factors is the chances of making money, and this indicates why so many network  marketing networks have succeeded .

The presence of a third party for marketing

Dynamic Marketing has the advantage that you use a third party to publish your good or service. 

For example, authors who give free books or programs allow people to publish these books or programs themselves.

Diffusion gradient

What makes many fail to spread through biomedical or viral marketing is the inability to progress from small visitors to large enough fast enough. 

And sometimes the spread is large, which leads to intolerance to the hosting.

For example, at some point Hotmail was unable to process all the newly created and used new emails. 

They simply did not have enough resources to manage the explosion of new e-mails.

Some examples of visitors to the biological spread

Visitors of the vital spread of social media

Sites such as,, and lead an enormous amount of visitors due to the increased number of their users.
They create a social network that people can easily communicate with each other and share things like photos and videos.
The thing that makes these sites powerful is that they completely control the user’s leadership. Here, the community is the one who builds these sites with everything they contain.
It is users who post messages and tell their friends to join these communities. This is the hallmark of the dynamic spread of social media.     You can also use social media to publish any content that has been mentioned previously, and you get a huge amount of visitors in a dynamic way.

Visitors to the reports bio-spread

Many people create reports and give them to people for free hoping that people will share them with each other. 

These reports contain important information that people may pay cash for.

This is also a very smart strategy that many big sites follow. 

As they make small books that contain a large amount of useful information in a specific field.

Because of the high value of the books, Internet users exchange them with their friends in order to benefit from the information contained therein
Of course, the book owner returns many benefits, whether in selling the product or service that they market or in obtaining a large number of  visitors .
Because these books of course contain jokes for the sites that you publish or grant them for free.
Finally, visitors to bio-proliferation primarily need insight and skill to achieve the five pillars that we mentioned, and on which this type of visitor depends.
Just think of something innovative that people need and that can be moved easily, digging users out so they can pass it on and you will see amazing results.                            

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