Visitors to free search engines                                                                     
                                                                                There is no website owner except and he hopes to get more visitors to the free search engines.
This is because the value of this type of visitor is very high and it is completely free.

Why visitors to search engines are the best

Visitors coming from search engines are considered the best types of visitors in terms of quality and targeting.
A visitor to a search engine is someone who has already searched for something. 

He desperately wanted him and cared about him. 
It is prepared in all respects in order to respond to every offer that is presented to him about the thing he is interested in and searching for.

If someone wants to buy something from the Internet, for example, it is a camera. 

He will go to the Google search engine, for example, and write "What are the best types of cameras" and research sentences of this type.
If you had a site with some opinions on the best types of cameras.                             After offering some opinions on some types of cameras in terms of defects and features, it is more likely that the user will purchase a specific type of camera, and put your affiliate link in order to buy through you.
There is a possibility that this user will purchase a camera through you and get your commission, which is a minimum of $ 50.
This is just an example that shows the importance and value of the visitor coming from the search engine.
But to get natural visitors coming from search engines, you must first have your site indexed on the most popular search engines like Google and Yahoo.
In previous years, it was easy to get your site to rank highly in the search engines. Today, however, there is brutal competition for high ranking in the search result for a specific keyword or phrase.
But this matter is still possible, but it is necessary for effort and hard work and a unique and rich content whose first goal is the benefit of the user.

On what basis is my site ranked in the results of the search engines?

  • Internal factors specific to the page or site.
  • External factors not specific to the page or site.

The internal factors of your site and them

  • The title and description of each page within your site
  • How good the content you provide on your site
  • Constant renewal in providing new content on your site is also of great importance.
  • Headlines within every page of your own site

External factors not specific to the page

Other sites that have links to your site include. 

For every site that makes a reference to a site with its own link, it is considered an addition to your site that you rank in search engines.
There are a number of major factors that major search engines consider in order to analyze the links to your site:
  • The number of links entered into the site.
  • The texts used to access the site mean in our previous example what is the text that exists in other sites and that contains the link for your site.
  • The content and theme of the site or sites that link to your site.
In general, external factors will represent a very large percentage of how your site ranks in the major search engines for specific keywords.
When you exchange links with other sites, you do not simply use the name of your site, but rather use keywords that express your site's activity.
In the end, this is just an introductory article for search engine visitors, and it contains some basic information for beginners in the world  of Internet marketing  about how search engines work and the basics that result in ranking any website in search engines.
But  SEO is  a wide and cross-cutting topic and you must make the effort to achieve good results. 

Or you can use a specialist to help you raise your site’s ranking in search engines.

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