What are CPA offers and what are their types?                                               
  In this article, we will explain to beginners in the field of CPA what are the offers CPA.
Also, we will deal with the most important and famous types of CPA offers.

What are CPA offers

These are offers in which a visitor or user does something specific to the advertiser and the publisher charges a commission for that.
This action may be the downstream process (downloading a file) from the advertiser or filling out a form on the advertiser's website. 

Types of CPA offers to fill out the form may differ from just entering your name and email, such as (Exp Mobile). 
Or a long form that includes the date of birth, address and phone number, such as (life insurance) offers.

The advertiser may pay between 25 cents to 3.5 dollars for the offer that requires entering an email. 

He might pay $ 140 on great offers and later on we will dwell on that in detail.
There are many, many other types of offers, such as mobile message offers, MasterCard data entry offers, and many more.                                                       

An example of one type of CPA offer

This is an example of  a reservation- specific  offer that pays  $ 14.25  for a single lead or completes the offer.
And the completion of the offer is for the user to book a tourist trip through the site and this offer is available in almost all countries of the world.                                                                       Don't worry or get frustrated to imagine it difficult to get someone to book a tour through you. This is just an example of shows.
In some other offers, your only role is to have the user enter his or her name and e-mail only.
But the commission, of course, will be less than one and two dollars for these offers. 

But the advantage of the presentation that I mentioned is that it is available in all countries of the world.
With some insistence, reflection and an appropriate source for visitors, you can succeed in marketing such an offer and win thousands of dollars.
Yes you can.

When choosing a CPA offer, do not focus only on the ease with which the presentation can be performed

When you choose one of the CBA offers, do not think of any of the offers, pay more or think of any of the offers easier for the user to perform.
But just think and focus on any type of offer that can work better with your visitor source. 

The bid that works best is the bid with the most conversion rate. 
That is, the largest percentage of users who enter into the offer perform it and thus convert to profit for you as a publisher.

The most popular types of CPA offers


In this type of offer, you as a publisher must have the user download a specific file to their device in order to get the commission for the offer.
It is worth noting here that there are a lot of companies specialized only in this type of offers and they are called PPD companies or pay-to-download companies                                   

Email Submit

And in this type of offers, all you have to do to get your commission: 

To make the user enter his name and email.                                     

credit card submit

In this type of offer, you as a publisher must have the user enter their payment information to subscribe to a service or purchase an item.
But in most cases, the user will not pay anything. 

Other times, he pays small amounts that do not exceed 5 dollars.
These offers depend on giving products as free samples or participating in free services for a certain period. 

If the user continues to use the service, the company will deduct the value of the service from the payment card in the next month.

short form registration

You get commission on this type of offer when a user fills out a small form data through you.

pin Submit

In this type of offer, the user must send a message from his mobile phone in order for you to get commission as a publisher.                                                                  


These offers are called dating offers. 

They are special offers for websites that provide dating services for people.
For example, those looking for girls of a certain age to get to know each other. 

Or who are looking for practitioners of a certain sport to get acquainted, and play sports together. 
Or who are looking for divorced women to get to know them. 
Or who are looking for women or men in specific cities or places for dating.

In these offers, the user must subscribe, whether paid or free. On one of the sites that offer dating services.                                                       


It includes all kinds of offers related to insurance of all kinds. 

And in it the user must subscribe to one of the companies that provide insurance services in order for you to get your commission.                                                                 Only here you have presented a small group of types of CPA offers, but there are more and more types of CPA offers.

And in every offer within the company, you will clearly find the action that the user must do in order to get your commission as a publisher.

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