It is an abbreviation of Pay Per Click and it means paying with a click or paying for a click.
PPC companies sell visitors for a click, which means advertisers pay them for the clicks they get on their ads.
Here one must mention another similar term, CPC, which is an abbreviation of Cost Per Click.
This term is used to express the same process.                                                There are other terms related to this type of visitor and we will address the most important ones.

The most important terms for PPC visitors


It is the abbreviation Earning Per Click and means the return that the advertiser earns from every click he buys.
Which must be higher than the CPC in order to gain profit from the ad campaign.
For example, if you are selling a slimming product that pays $ 50 in commission for each user who buys this product.
So I went to a PPC advertising company and bought a thousand clicks and the price of a click (CPC) was one dollar.
50 users or visitors you have acquired have purchased the product you are marketing, which means that you have earned a total commission of $ 2,500.
The return from each pressure can be calculated as 2500 dollars / 1000 pressure = 2.5 dollars per one click.
So your EPC is $ 2.5.
Your profit margin is $ 1.5 per click.


It is the abbreviation Click Through rate.
It means the percentage of clicks your ad receives from the total number of people who see your ad.
Not every user who sees the ad will convert into a click.
It should be noted here that the higher your CTR, the better.
As many companies rely on the CTR to a great extent in determining the price of the pressure. but why ?
Because large PPC companies want their users to have good content.
It is very important for her users to be satisfied with the ads that appear before them.
Of course, the high percentage of those who click on the ad who see it is considered a very important indicator in the users' satisfaction with the ad.
Because they saw in it something useful and important for them.


It means the keywords you target in your advertising campaign or pay on it.
When you create a PPC advertising campaign, the company will ask you to select the keywords on which your ad appears.
The  targeting  of the most important factors that will depend on the success of your campaign.
Because if you choose appropriate keywords and have something to do with what you're advertising.
Then you will get targeted visitors and then you will get a good profit from your campaign.

The most important advantages of PPC visitors

This type of visitors is the best and the best types of visitors as it is characterized by a high degree of targeting.
Due to the quality of this type of visitors, it is considered the most expensive among other types of visitors.
 Needs  skill in writing the ad  .
There must be a high level of attraction to the user in order to click on the advertisement.
 This type of visitor is highly competitive among advertisers for it.          To enter this market, you must have an acceptable degree of skill and experience in order to achieve a suitable profit margin.
This is due to the high price of the pressure.
 You must have a product or an offer that pays a suitable commission and has a good conversion point in order to purchase visitors by paying against the pressure.
 You must have a  good tool to track your advertising campaigns  to find out which of the keywords you are paying for are profitable and which ones are lost.                                                                                                            The best ppc , google ads, bing ads  facebook ads               

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