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There was a girl who lived in a small village, and every day she communicated with the people of her small village and communicated with her,  this girl did not have a good income to help her with the demands of life.
But what made her somewhat happy is her good relationship with the people of her small village, and her realization that she has a unique talent for communicating with them at any time.
As one of this village, she was well aware that they all needed a product that protected them from extreme heat, while they were on their way to spend their business during daylight hours.
She was preoccupied with this issue and could not think of others, but after careful consideration she decided that she would be the owner of this product.
She started out with 3 types of hats, one for men, one for women, and the other designed for children.
After several months, due to her unique ability to communicate with the people of her village easily and show her product to them, she became the owner of the largest hats store in the village.
It is worth noting that after a short time she not only sold hats to the people of her village, but also to many of the neighboring villages as well.You too, my friend, can have a success story like the heroine of this story, by owning a free online store.

What do I need to start a free online store


You can manufacture this product yourself, or buy it from a factory or large wholesale store.
If you do not have a clear idea of ​​the product that you will sell through your online store, you can follow the following steps:
  • Think deeply about what is the common need for your Facebook or Instagram friends list. Don't just rely on your own ideas, just try to have separate discussions between samples of your potential customers.
    Ask yourself what is it that if I submitted it through my online store people would buy it.
  • Make a list of 5-7 different ideas for different products that you think they need,  write them in your project agenda with a precise description of how each idea is applied, how to get the product, how it is delivered to the buyer and the method or payment methods that you will accept.
  • Sort all the ideas you came up with and shorten them to two ideas only based on your own capabilities and circumstances.
    You can choose only one idea, but I recommend choosing two ideas to get an idea underway, and the other as a backup in case the initial fails.

 Camera with some skills in photography

The image element is a very important item and it strongly affects everyone's purchasing decision. The image is the window that will express the quality of your product, and you should pay special attention to this element.
I will not say so that you buy a professional camera for thousands of pounds, or that you take a professional course in photography, but what I would just like to say is that you have to have good photos of your product that attract attention in order to get purchase orders.

 Some communication and persuasion skills

I say it honestly here If you do not have the style and patience that every buyer prefers, you should delegate this position to another.
You have to understand well the nature of the product you will sell, and then you can talk about it with understanding and persuasion. You have to be patient and understand the concerns of buyers sometimes, or help them make a purchasing decision through the information they provide about your product.

 A dedicated page on Facebook or Instagram

This is where your product photos will be displayed, and you will communicate with your customers. You will also receive purchase orders through it.               You can create a page or a group on Facebook and another on Instagram, but in my view it is better to focus in a direction at the beginning, and then you can expand.

 Setting a fixed, clear and predetermined system for dealing with your customers

You have to put in place a system that defines the way and how you deal with customers. This includes:
Method and timing of payment
Although hand-to-hand payment is a perfect choice for both the seller and the buyer, which is followed by many large stores such as Jumia,  there are other methods of payment such as telecom companies that provide systems for payment through a mobile phone.
You must also set conditions for exchange or refund. In expensive products, you have to come up with the idea of ​​paying in advance, whether in full or in part. Also, you can consider the option to pay in installments, which may attract more customers.
Delivery System
Will it be home delivery or the buyer has to come to you to receive his product, this is largely related to the payment.
Price stability or the establishment of a field for negotiation.
Setting prices in and of itself is a very important element and should be dealt with wisely.
It is worth noting that negotiating prices may bring some problems, but remember very well that people love discounts.
You have to make a solid plan for that.

Tips for creating a successful free online store

 You can initially be ready with a small amount of the product, and then you can make that bigger, you will learn which colors have more demand, and which designs will appeal to your audience better.
 Be ready for any level of application.
To be ready for any number of purchase requests you must have a good relationship with the source of the product you are selling, or have the materials and labor that enable you to make the product in the fastest time.
 The price is the most effective factor in the success of your online store. It
will cost almost nothing but the price of the product in order to start your free online store. There is no rent, no electricity bills, and no taxes. Therefore, you will have a wonderful competitive advantage compared to the stores on the ground. You have to use that well.
 Don't traditionally just do what others do.
Rather, own your own online store that expresses your own ideas, and with which you will sell your own product.
The product you choose yourself, you are well aware of it and are primarily interested in what you offer.
Always those who achieve outstanding successes are the innovative people who have their own idea, and  they always occupy them and care about them, so their work comes out honest and they are convinced of what they offer.
 Clothing and accessories are not the only option to start your free online store.
You can sell anything you can imagine online.
You can either sell something that you create yourself, or create a specific product idea and find the one that designs it for you, and you're the only owner of that product. Expand your reach and do not be limited and think outside the box.
 Use the appropriate method to communicate with potential buyers.
You do not need to have your flyers in the English language, unless you want to lose all the potential customers who are not fluent in English,  and there is no need to follow a specific style in your posts as if you always ignore talking about prices,  but try everything and try every way to reach the best possible result.
 Be well aware of what competitors are doing.
Not to copy what they do and you do the same, but to be knowledgeable about your competitors' behaviors, sales volumes and prices.
 The long breath is the advantage of all who achieve success, especially in the Internet world.
Therefore, when creating an online store, be patient and do not despair quickly, and constantly try to be innovative in displaying your goods.  You should be flexible in adjusting everything you suspect is a reason that impedes your success.

How to market my free e shop

Marketing is the key to creating a successful online store. You should give it special attention and special time.
Here is a collection of the most important points that every online store owner must consider.
 Marketing your online store should start before building the store itself.
Tell your acquaintances, friends and relatives that soon you will create an online store, and show them the products that you will sell in your store.
Work to achieve your first sales through your own circle of acquaintances, this will serve you very well when you start marketing.
Be in constant contact with potential buyers and answer all their questions, and provide them with all possibilities and facilities for payment methods or product delivery methods.
 Ask each person who bought you to tell their friends about your store and their experience in purchasing.

 Use paid advertisements on Facebook.
At some point you can invest some money to advertise your store to the largest possible number to achieve more sales.
 You must have sufficient faith in your project idea before starting to implement it.
Nothing good will be achieved in this life except through effort, fatigue and persistence.
 It is best to start your business before an event such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, a popular holiday or event.
This will inevitably make you achieve good sales, due to the increased demand for a lot of products on these occasions.
 Be a believer in what you do and speak in your publications as someone who believes in what is presented and trusts that his product is valuable.

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