The topic of today's article is How to Create a Blog on Bloggger or Blogspot.
The opportunity to create such a blog is provided by Google Blogger. In this service, thanks to the unlimited possibilities, there is a rare opportunity to create a complete blog yourself and completely free, which is completely indexed by the search engines. There is no need to know programming languages, browse and download long recording programs to create blogs.

The first thing to do is sign up for Blogger. To do this, enter in the search engine the word Blogger or English. Blogger

After registration, you will be taken to your personal account, where on the left side of the panel there is a button "Create a blog" or "New blog".

Here you will see a panel with the ability to specify the name and address as well as the interface of the blog.
create a blog on Blogger
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Save the specified settings. Everything, you are now the owner of your own blog.
To create a new article on the home page, select "Compose Message" or click the "pencil" icon in the upper-left corner of the office. The message editor is similar to the Word editor. I think there will be no problems. It is possible to add pictures and video clips to the message and establish links, headers and translations. After editing, click the publish button.

create a blog on Blogger
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Create new pages in the "Create a page" section. Choose the name of the page, type the text (as in the message), then go to the "Design" section. Here you will see a code design for gadgets. Choose "Create a gadget," which is under the blog name. You are searching for the "Pages" tool, place "Flying" so that the new page is displayed on the blog. Then click "Save."
create a blog on Blogger

Messages will always be posted on the blog's homepage. You can also create other pages. For example - about yourself, a wallet, or contacts.
In the "Design" section, select the necessary gadgets yourself. In the "Template" / " Advanced Settings " section, change the appearance of the blog to your taste . In the "Statistics" section, look at the page traffic. In the "Settings" section, write a description of your blog. In the "Profit" section, connect AdSense and earn money from ads. But this is after promoting the blog. Also make money on blogs in ad exchanges. An article on exchanges is  here  .
To do this, respectively, type the search "Google Site Indexing" as well as "Yandex Site Indexing", and enter in your site's index line. Also don't forget to share new articles on social networks . By default, the social network buttons will be placed under each message.
I almost forgot to work with the tools (scripts). All gadgets are in the design section. This section explains the blog layout with toolboxes where you can insert the code required to display the necessary options: contact form, subscription, new articles, comments, blog archive, and more . Blogger contains many ready-made tools added with one click, but you can also insert the code into the gadget, for example, a slider icon, which is not available by default in Blogspot.This tool is called "html / java skript" here. The tools themselves are the same WordPress tools, but here they are called gadgets.
If you decide to create a blog on Blogger (blogspot), you are not mistaken. Everything here is completely free, no annoying ads. As with other free platforms, there is full access to the Blog Blog, where the blogging community is developing very quickly, so it's easy every day to find answers and support on all issues. I have not seen equal analogues between free platforms.
Note:  In November 2016 I found an interesting website with many templates for Blogger SEO There you can select the template you want, download it, decompress the archive, then do the following: Go to Blogger - Template - Backup & Restore - Select file - Upload file. But before that, it won't hurt to keep the old one in case, if something goes wrong. After downloading the file (all page and gadget names are in English), you will need to include your links and blog title in the template icon, as well as rename them. To rename a separate page, press ctrl + f in the template and enter the name of the desired page or section, then directly into the template icon, change the name. With scripts, things are a little more difficult, but I will try to create a repository of useful tools (scripts) on this blog over time.
Here is the link to the site with templates: gooyaabitemplates. These templates will help you create a truly original blog on Blogspot.
I almost forgot. I used to download templates to Deluxtemplates, but after installing the template I found the code a hidden link for slot machines.Now they are on my blacklist.


If you use the standard third-level domain, in which you will be assigned to Blogspot by default (https: // site, you will be promoting the blog for a very long time. Few people would like to recommend your "dubious reputation" resources. So I advise you to choose a personal area immediately and attach it to the blog. The cost of 10-15 dollars. in the year.

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